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We are honored to make the following items available to you, and urge
you to use them to spread awareness about the realities of the situation.

All orders include free shipping (within the continental U.S., by media mail)

Documentary film "Jenin, Jenin"
VHS, 54 minutes, 2002, Arabic with English subtitles
$30 (for home use), free shipping!
For screening the film, licensing information can be obtained from

Book "Searching Jenin"
Testimonies edited by Ramzy Baroud, 2003
$18, free shipping!

Music CD "Hang A Flag In The Window"
David Rovics / Songs of Social Significance
Includes the tracks "Jenin" and "Shooting the Children of Jerusalem"
, free shipping!

Documentary film "Gaza Strip"
VHS, 74 minutes, 2002, Arabic with English subtitles
$30 (for home use)
, free shipping!

Book "Israel/Palestine: How to end the war of 1948"
Tanya Reinhart, 2003
, free shipping!


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