"Jenin, Jenin"
Carthage Interational Film Festival 2002
Winner -
"Best Film"

"Jenin Jenin" (54 minutes) shows the extent to which the prolonged oppression and terror has affected the state of mind of the Palestinian inhabitants of the Jenin refugee camp.

Listen to the old men, the children, the doctors and the grieving mothers of Jenin, after the Israeli army's April 2002 attack flattened homes and buried an unknown number of civilians. Bitterness and grief are the prevailing feelings among the majority of the population. Many have lost loved ones or are still searching for victims and belongings among the debris. 'Where is God,' an elderly man desperately wonders when surveying the debris in the Jenin refugee camp.

A little girl, who does not seem to be much older than twelve, tells her story but knows no fear. The ongoing violence in her day-to-day life only nourishes her feelings of hatred and the urge to take revenge. She shouts that the Palestinians will never give up the struggle, that they will keep on producing children who can continue the fight against injustice.

The sad question forces itself on the spectator. What will become of a country, a people when its children are confronted with war and violence from a very early age?

Banned in Israel, "Jenin Jenin" is dedicated to Iyad Samudi, the producer of the film, who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers on June 23rd, 2002, as he returned home after completing the film.

"Jenin Jenin" features at International Documentary Filmfestival
Arjan El Fassed, The Electronic Intifada - November 27, 2002

Israeli censors ban film about battle of Jenin
Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian - Dec. 12, 2002

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